Getting Started with Computers

Basic Computer Tutorial A basic guide to computers.

Dave's Guide to Buying a Computer An in-depth guide to buying a personal computer. 

The Help Web from Imaginary Landscape web developers. This site offers gentle tutorials and glossaries for the novice user of the internet.

New User Tutorial A great tutorial on using the mouse.  Great for the beginner.

Computer-specific Information

Moving Files in Microsoft Windows XP -This short video on eHow is part of a much larger series of video tutorials describing basic computer skills. The tutorial begins with a video advertisement for an unrelated product and non-essential portions of the video screen are often covered by moving advertisements, but the information is accurate. The speed of the presentations is slow enough to be followed by very new computer users, but phrases like "right click" and "open 'My Computer'" are used without explanation and the number of advertisements may be too distracting for absolute beginners.

Using the Internet

ABC's of the Internet Offers a short explanation of the internet and hyperlinks to technology vocabulary.

Pandia Goalgetter A great search engine tutorial that explains how to use search engines, what they are and how they work.

Blogs A short video tutorial explaining blogs.

RSS Feeds A short and to the point video tutorial on how to use RSS Feeds to enhance your internet experience.

Wiki Tutorial Learn how to use a wiki in this short video tutorial.