Orange Beach Public Library Board of Trustees - Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2009

Chair Karen Clark called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.  Those in attendance were Karen Clark, Suzanne Laurier, Carol McCracken, Bonnie Lee and Andie Mewbourn.

The May 6, 2009 and September 2, 2009 minutes were approved as read.

The September financial reports, as attached, were presented by Bonnie Lee.

The 2010 FY Budget request was submitted to the Finance Director on October 2, 2009.  Bonnie Lee provided Board members with a copy of the City’s 2010 draft budget proposal. The draft budget proposes an additional cut of $10,975 from the Library’s 2009 allocation.  The shortfall in the budget may be met by use of Library reserve funds. Bonnie Lee noted that due to the timing of the approval of the 2010 City Budget, the Board will need to meet in December to approve the 2010 Library Budget.

The Employer portion of the Retirement Systems of Alabama contribution has increased from 1.248% of the 5% employee contribution to 1.266%.

The Statement of Fiscal Responsibility has been filed with the Alabama Public Library Service. A waiver may have to be submitted again this year to be in compliance. State Aid funds will be reduced due to proration; the amount is not known at this time.

In a memorandum dated October 6, 2009, Bonnie Lee asked Board members to review personnel policy 4, Employee Classification and consider amending said policy to consider 32 hours full time for the purpose of paying employee benefits in reduction of force. Policy change was approved.

A copy of the 2005 City of Orange Beach Library Salary was provided in response to a request for comparison of how our budget meets national standards for public libraries. The survey was conducted by the City.

Bonnie Lee pointed out that statistics for September 2009 are similar to those of September 2008, with an increase in new library cards issue and computer usage.

The Adult Laptop Users Group (LUG) has begun for locals (before the winter season) and the three classes already held have had 40 attendees. The local patrons are very appreciative of having a class to themselves.

Bonnie Lee pointed out to Board members the new plastic side covers on the book drop at the front of the building. Joanne Sanford, a Library patron, spearheaded redo of the panels; Jones Canvas provided the labor and supplies and Jane Hanners paid for the labor.

Kevin Lanford and Bonnie Lee are determining the best time for AED, CPR and Fire Extinguisher Training for Library staff in the upcoming months.

The Library Board adjourned at 5:50 p.m. The next Library Board meeting will be held November 4, 2009 at 5:00 in the meeting room of the Orange Beach Public Library.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne Laurier